Marketing Strategy

Once the listing agreement is signed we begin underwriting the potential sale. Some transactions fall apart during the due diligence period due to inaccurate information provided to the Buyer. It is important to view the property, inspect financial data and make copies of all necessary material. Once we prepare the marketing brochure we send an e mail blast and begin calling prospective Buyers. In addition, we list the property on several web sites.
A major part of our marketing process is to contact possible buyers by phone We are in continuous communication with most of the logical buyers for office, apartment buildings and shopping center opportunities . We know which buyers are active and what their needs, processes and criteria are for acquisitions. However this buyer pool is always shifting and it takes a marketing process and team to make certain all potential buyers are accessed. We have the ability to list and sell investment opportunities that are aggressively underwritten and priced to lead the market and set new levels in their respective areas. We are able to create an environment that results in heightened Buyer demand and ultimately price results. A competitive “bid-like” atmosphere is created that results and sometimes produces offers that exceed Sellers expectations.
Exposure to potential purchasers of a high quality asset should be through an experienced and informed agent. We have closed on a significant number of investment properties. Through this process, we have formulated an approach to marketing which implements the benefits of exposure and competition, while minimizing the impositions to the owner and their management team. These elements are implemented through a short and direct communication channel to the potential buyers and an understanding regarding the sensitivity of the ongoing operation of the property. This approach has been very satisfying and productive to our clients.

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